• Tooth Scaling Reduces Heart Risk 04 - Jan - 2012, at 03:03 AM - 3

  • According to a research study, it has been found out that patients who have healthy gums and those who get professional teeth cleaning done have low incidence of various cardiovascular disorders such as heart attack and stroke. With dental cleaning, plaque and calculus deposits are removed from..

  • Why Root Scaling and Planning is Good 28 - Feb - 2010, at 00:41 AM

  • There are many available Internet researches about gingivitis. One site implied that people contract gingivitis through poor dental hygiene alone. This information can be misleading because it may imply that we as people may be safe from gingivitis if we practice better oral hygiene alone, which..

  • Average cost of Dental Cleaning 05 - Sep - 2009, at 04:24 AM - 2

  • We all try to reach to the bacteria that hover in the crevices of our teeth using a good toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Even then we aren’t able to get to them all the time and hence we do need professional cleaning of our teeth. Once you get to a dentist for cleaning your teeth it..

  • Healthy Gums A Mirror to Healthy Heart 02 - Dec - 2008, at 22:01 PM

  • Scaling and root planing is the procedure done for the treatment of the periodontal (gum) diseases. This is the most common and conservative treatment in the dentistry. On the teeth plaque, which is the sticky layer made up of bacteria and the food particles get deposited. When this calcifies it..

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